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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Create Your Own eBook Instantaneously and Get Paid, Too!

"I Dare You to find a better website that provides Free, Quality, Searchable, Downloadable 25,000+ eBooks; allows you to make Boatloads of Backend Affiliate Commissions; AND gives you Free Advertisement in the process."

FreePDFeBooks.com is the ONLY website in the world that:

  • offers FREE instant downloads for high quality eBooks in PDF format.

  • is updated with new eBooks on a daily basis!

  • contains content from over 5,000 authors worldwide.

  • has a simple, yet powerful inbuilt search engine that sorts search results by relevance.

  • offers free memberships to download PDF eBooks CO-BRANDED with YOUR name.

  • offers members a co-branding URL that they can promote with THEIR name.

  • offers to display the member's advertisement within the eBooks.

  • offers members a 2-tier co-branding system.

  • offers members the opportunity to make money by having related product links in the eBooks, with THEIR ClickBank(TM) affiliate ID!

  • offers members the convenience of grabbing customized RSS feeds for their website! and much MUCH more!!!

Click here to signup for your FREE membership NOW!


  • HiYa EEEE!!!!!!;-) It's me Robert in SC and it's been awhile. Sohrab and Shawn have been asking about you. Great blog you have here and keep up the good work and I'll be in touch.

    Dataminer Advantage

    By Blogger dataminer, at 9:51 AM  

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