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The Master Blog Builder

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to the home of:

The Master Blog Builder!

. . . where we help individuals, sales persons, and small business owners maximize their customer relationship mangement, marketing, and sales potential through the use of blogs and other creative options.

Put me to the test:

Type my full name,

Etienne A. Gibbs,

into any search engine and

stand back as you watch what happens!

We build and maintain blogs for our clients and help them take their projects and businesses to the next level.

Additionally, we write and distribute free articles that are used by publishers of ezines, newsletters, websites, and print media. Help yourself to any of my articles by clicking on any article directory icon in the right margin.

But our services don't stop there; we work with our clients to combine several offline and online options best suited to their needs.

Because I've been receiving requests to create and maintain blogs for local small businesses, I've become known as

The Master Blog Builder!

Click on any of the following to see samples of blogs I have created and am maintaining:

Here's what people are saying about The Master Blog Builder:

  • “Nice blog and a great idea! I sent some-one over to contact you about doing a blog.”

    Sandra Williams,
    Support for Black Business

So, if you want to increase and improve your customer relationship management, blogging technology is the way to go!

Contact me for more information! Ways to contact me:

  • Either email me at:


  • or place a comment on this blog;

  • or call me at 210-833-9486.

I'm looking forwards to helping you spread the word about the products and services you offer and, ultimately, increasing your sales and profits.

Resourcefully yours,

Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW

The Master Blog Builder and
Mr. Maximizing Your Potential


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