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Friday, March 24, 2006

Looking for Ways to Get More Clients at No Cost?

Are you interested in finding new creative ways to attract more prospects, customers, leads, traffic, subscribers and rocket your sales right off the charts, without spending a dime?

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The evening of March 25, 26-28 all day.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

10 Free eBooks with Resale Rights Are Yours for the Asking!

An amazing thing I just found out: My friend, Eric, is giving away 10 Free Ebooks with RESALE RIGHTS!

It's not every day that you find something like this!

I'd suggest you go download them right now before he pulls the plug (or his host shuts him down for too much bandwidth!) . . .

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Here's to your success!


Etienne A. Gibbs
The Master Blog Builder

Thursday, March 16, 2006

An Article: "If You Want To Be A Leader, Blog"

I came across an article by Margaret Stead that supports all I have been saying about blogging as a form of marketing for the small businessperson. I'd like to share it with you. So, now here's her copyrighted article in its entirety:

If You Want To Be A Leader, Blog

Copyright © 2006 Margaret Stead

OR Why you should publish a blog now instead of a web site or standalone newsletter?

If there is a vital piece of advice you should take when contemplating your ‘Web platform,’ it is to use the words that your visitor might use, in the title of your site. (Your URL.)

(Resist the temptation to call it by your name: www.kevinsmith.info because unless you are ALREADY famous, then NOBODY will find your site by themselves, ever.)

The other trouble with choosing domains or addresses with ‘KEYWORDS’ is that you will find almost invariably, that the minute you have chosen one (and PAID for it) - is likely to be the minute you can think of a ‘better’ one! (That is probably why I have forty or fifty domain names hanging around spare at GREAT expense!)

So it makes sense to use blogging software to create multiple blogs with multiple names with your multiple keywords in them. This way if you make the wrong initial choice you can easily and cheaply switch your emphasis to ANOTHER blog. JUST like that. What’s astounding is when you have thoroughly settled on your blogging address you can OVERLAY a traditional domain name, becoming indistinguishable from a normal web site!

Possessing a web site has become something of a status symbol in business. But casual visitors rarely know the difference between a web site and a blog. It is only when you get into the ranks of the IT world do you find people who can RECOGNIZE a blog when they see one.

Many admiring commentators even PREFER blogs to web sites because of their INTERACTIVE ability and informal nature. Large companies are increasingly using blogs to stay in touch with their customers, particularly CEOs A good example of a CEO blog would be Jonathan’s Blog

Jonathan Schwartz puts it very well in the November 2005 issue of the Harvard Business Review:

“But it's riskier NOT to have a blog. Remember when, not long ago, CEOs would ask their assistants to print out their e-mails for them, and they'd dictate responses to be typewritten and sent via snail mail? Where are those leaders now? (The last of my contacts of that breed just retired.)" In ten years, most of us will communicate directly with customers, employees, and the broader business community through blogs.

For EXECUTIVES, having a blog is not going to be a matter of choice, any more than using e-mail is today. If you're not part of the conversation, others will speak on your behalf-and I'm not talking about your employees.” Full Article only by subscription to HBR.

So the decision whether to have or a web site or a blog is a ‘NO-BRAINER’ for me. As well as being cheap, cheerful and endlessly adaptable, blogs are beginning to get the RESPECT they deserve.

Newsletters (or e-zines) are still a great way to keep in touch even with just a small list of people – but they are subject to the vagaries and fashions of the Internet GATEKEEPERS. Until recently there was a joke that was ‘going the rounds’ amongst marketers that went something like this: ‘What do you get at the end of the year with a mailing list of 200,000?

Answer: 100,000. (Not such a ‘good’ joke, anymore.) I know, from personal experience (My newsletter is regularly read by 15,000 plus readers) that delivering e-newsletters, reliably, has become something of a nightmare. Even Alexandria K, Brown, the E-zine Queen, now has a BLOG!

When my newsletter was inadvertently ‘bounced’, by an ‘Abuse Team’, (average age: seventeen) for containing the word ‘Hair.’ I knew it was time to look at alternative ways of keeping in touch. Blogs are PERFECT for keeping in touch with your staff, colleagues and customers.

Known as 'Tom Peters Meets Reader's Digest', Margaret teaches five simple secrets of Business Blogging and Executive Coaching, that help people just like YOU - Master New Media & Stay Connected. Enjoy her monthly blog-letter - Career Coach www.CareersNet.co.uk/career-change-free-prize-draw/ AND you might WIN a PRIZE!

Be sure to catch Margaret's newest blogging creation:

Captain's Blog.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to the home of:

The Master Blog Builder!

. . . where we help individuals, sales persons, and small business owners maximize their customer relationship mangement, marketing, and sales potential through the use of blogs and other creative options.

Put me to the test:

Type my full name,

Etienne A. Gibbs,

into any search engine and

stand back as you watch what happens!

We build and maintain blogs for our clients and help them take their projects and businesses to the next level.

Additionally, we write and distribute free articles that are used by publishers of ezines, newsletters, websites, and print media. Help yourself to any of my articles by clicking on any article directory icon in the right margin.

But our services don't stop there; we work with our clients to combine several offline and online options best suited to their needs.

Because I've been receiving requests to create and maintain blogs for local small businesses, I've become known as

The Master Blog Builder!

Click on any of the following to see samples of blogs I have created and am maintaining:

Here's what people are saying about The Master Blog Builder:

  • “Nice blog and a great idea! I sent some-one over to contact you about doing a blog.”

    Sandra Williams,
    Support for Black Business

So, if you want to increase and improve your customer relationship management, blogging technology is the way to go!

Contact me for more information! Ways to contact me:

  • Either email me at:


  • or place a comment on this blog;

  • or call me at 210-833-9486.

I'm looking forwards to helping you spread the word about the products and services you offer and, ultimately, increasing your sales and profits.

Resourcefully yours,

Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW

The Master Blog Builder and
Mr. Maximizing Your Potential

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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